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Rome Seed & Feed Store is an important part of Rome's history and holds a special place in the hearts and minds of many who worked, shopped, and visited there.  We're trying to resurrect its history and we'd like your help.

If you have any information on specific events and dates in the history of Rome Seed, or if you have corrections to the timeline below, please email the details to chad@linnsoft.com.  If you worked at Rome Seed, we'd love to hear from you and add your employment dates to the timeline.

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1870s It is believed that Rome Seed & Feed came into existence some time in the 1870s and possibly earlier.
Dec, 1903 Doris Copeland was born in Walker County.
May, 1904 Spencer Diden was born in Floyd County.
- 1939
The levy was built by the Corps of Engineers opening up 3rd Street to development and the eventual relocation of Rome Seed from Broad Street.
May 27, 1941 Robert Payne was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, son of Myra Lawson Payne and William Madison Payne.
1942 Rome Seed and Feed Store moved from Broad Street to 2nd Avenue.   It is believed that Rome Seed operated out of two Broad Street locations in the early 1930's and was in existence as far back as the 1870's or beyond.
Feb 26, 1953 Rome Seed is established as a corporation.
May 3, 1953 Spencer S. Diden and Hugh Keown assume management of Rome Seed and Feed.  Mr. Diden worked previously with Owens Hardware and Mr. Keown with Berry School.  [more...]
1969 Robert Payne opens landscape architecture and site planning office located in Rome Seed and Feed.  [article announcement - license]
1972 Kinney Fincher begins his tenure at Rome Seed, purchasing ownership from Jim Austin.
July, 1974 Doris Copeland Diden (wife of Spencer Diden) passed away at the age of 70.  Spencer Diden divided Doris' ownership stake in Rome Seed between their daughters, Mary Louise Payne and Ann Harrell of Dalton. [more...]
- 1986
Chad Payne works summers at Rome Seed.  1984-1985 inside the store (stocking shelves, loading cars, etc.)  1986 - Landscape Crew.
- 1991
Kevin Payne's first stint at Rome Seed, working summers and afternoons during school year.  1985-1986 in the Nursery.  1987-88 inside the store.  1989-91 - Landscape Crew.
June 30, 1985 The new Heritage Bridge opens, easing traffic on 2nd and 5th but costing Rome Seed store space and parking spots. [more...]
August, 1987 Spencer Diden passed away at the age of 83. [more...]
October, 1990 Hugh Keown passed away at the age of 76. [more...]
1998 Kevin Payne is hired again by Rome Seed as manager.  At that time, Robert Payne was serving as President and Kinney Fincher as Secretary/Treasurer.
August, 1999 Car smashes through door on W. 3rd Street side of Rome Seed, causing $20k in damages. [more...]
2001 Kevin Payne assumes role of General Manager.
2003 Rome Seed closes its doors for good. [more...]
Robert Payne passed away at the age of 61. [more...]
Rome Seed building/property is sold at auction to Martin Real Estate for $601k by Dempsey Auction Company. [more...]
Dec, 2005 Demolition begins on the old Rome Seed and Feed building in preparations of selling the property to River City Bank. [more...]   [more...]
January, 2006 River City Bank purchases former Rome Seed property for $1.5m. [more...]
May 23, 2006 River City Bank opens on the former site of Rome Seed and Feed.
March, 2008 Robert Whitlock passes away.
May 23, 2008 River City Bank dedicates its new building and celebrates its second birthday while paying homage to the late Robert Payne and his family. [more...]
May 10, 2009 Rome News runs article highlighting this web site as a gift to Mary Louise Payne. [more...]